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Your Ohio Auto Accident

Your Ohio Accident

You survived the crash...and now the adjuster is calling. Should you give a "recorded statement" to them? Sign their "standard medical forms?" Divulge your Social Security number? And who is going to pay your medical bills...better yet who SHOULD pay them? (The answer might surprise you...).

Order this free book before you talk to the insurance adjuster or sign any forms.

This book will show you all the mistakes the insurance company is just waiting for you to make, what questions you need to ask any attorneys, and how to go about finding an attorney or firm that will not only competently handle your claim, but also be the right "fit" for you.

How Ohio Auto Insurance Companies Are Stripping Your Auto Policy

Fully Exposed

How Ohio Auto Insurance Companies Are Stripping Your Auto Policy

Most Ohioans believe they have a "Full Coverage" auto policy will protect them after an Ohio car, truck, or motorcycle accident. After over 22 years of representing Ohio personal injury accident victims, we have discovered a dirty secret that insurance companies won't tell you: Over 90% of all Ohioans have lousy "Full Coverage" car insurance" and don't even discover it until AFTER they're injured by a drunk driver, a "hit and run" driver, or irresponsible drivers carrying little or no liability insurance.

Order this free book and learn the two basic reasons why your "full coverage" policy may well drive you to bankruptcy, and the TWO THINGS YOU CAN DO to protect yourself before you ever get in a serious crash. This book will arm you with the necessary information to buy car insurance INTELLIGENTLY, without the come-ons of lizards, cavemen, and other slick insurance ad campaigns.

Eight Reasons Why Most Ohio Malpractice Victims Never Recover Anything

Eight Reasons Why Most Ohio Malpractice Victims Never Recover Anything

Between 50-100,000 people each year die in hospitals as a result of medical malpractice. You're more likely to die due to malpractice than on our nation's highways. Yet, malpractice cases, including Ohio malpractice cases, can be both difficult and expensive to win. Find out why in this free report. (Hint: some of the reasons malpractice claims are lost are within your control, but only if you know some of the pitfalls and minefields...)

Nine Tips to Keep You & Your Family Safe When Dealing With Doctors & Hospitalsg

Nine Tips to Keep You & Your Family Safe When Dealing With Doctors & Hospitals

This free report will make your next medical encounter a safer one.

These patient safety tips came from actual malpractice cases we've handled.

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  •  Your Ohio Accident : Sorting Through The Insurance Maze
  •   FULLY EXPOSED: How Ohio Insurance Companies Are Stripping Your Auto Policy
  •  Eight Reasons Why Most Ohio Malpractice Victims Never Recover Anything
  •   Nine Tips to Keep You Safe When Dealing with Doctors or Hospitals




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