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Cases We've Handled--A Sampling Of Over Twenty Seven years Of Work

Verdicts & Settlements

BIG DISCLAIMER: Every case is different and unique, and there are numerous factors that determine the ultimate results in any given case. Additionally, some of the settlements are confidential at the request of one of the parties to the lawsuit. Finally, no attorney or firm wins every case, and we are no different. The results listed in this section should not be interpreted as representative of what any similar case might be worth.   

Medical Malpractice

In every listed malpractice case, a lawsuit was necessary, and extensive litigation (sometimes lasting years) was required in the form of taking numerous depositions, hiring experts, and preparing the case for trial. Most if not all of the cases that were settled did so shortly before trial or on the eve of trial (you will even note from this list a case that was tried and resulted in a verdict for the physician): 

Overdose of morphine medication in hospital causes permanent brain damage to patient:  $4,585,000 settlement.

Anesthesiologist's improper removal of breathing tube following surgery causes loss of oxygen, brain damage and coma: $3,000,000 settlement.

Surgeon's negligent removal of tracheostomy tube following surgery and hospital negligence causes loss of airway and death:  Confidential settlement.

Surgeon negligently cuts patient's bile duct during gallbladder removal:  $375,000 settlement.

Surgeon negligently cuts patient's bile duct during gallbladder removal: $185,000 verdict.

Surgeon/hospital leaves large foreign object in patient during abdominal surgery: Confidential settlement after two weeks of trial.

Surgeon stitches monitoring catheter to patient's right atrium during heart valve replacement surgery, causing torn atrium and post-operative stroke when the catheter tube is removed: Confidential settlement.

Hospital aide causes leg fracture to patient during transfer from bed after hip replacement surgery: Confidential settlement.

Surgeon allegedly negligently replaces patient's tracheostomy at bedside/patient dies: verdict for surgeon.

Anesthesiologist and outpatient facility fail to monitor patient's respiratory status while undergoing an outpatient procedure, resulting in anoxic brain damage and death: Confidential settlement.  

Hospital leaves sponge in patient during inpatient surgery: Confidential settlement

Patient left alone unattended in hospital bathroom--falls, fractures ankle and leg: confidential settlement.


Nursing Home/Assisted Living Center/Long Term Acute Care Facility Malpractice

Nurses' aides disregard orders and improperly transfer elderly resident, resulting in fractures and death:
 Confidential settlement.

Nurses negligently allow elderly patient to fall, causing death:  Confidential settlement.

Center allows resident to wander into fellow resident’s room, injuring her:  Confidential settlement.

Aides ignore "Hoyer Lift only" orders and improperly transfer patient, resulting in fractures: Confidential settlement.

Long Term Acute Care Hospital employees dislodge 78 year old patient's tracheostomy tube while turning her, causing inability to breathe, loss of airway, collapsed lungs, and death. Confidential Settlement 

Nursing Home fails to procure physician ordered, necessary medical equipment, causing resident's respiratory arrest and death: Confidential settlement.

Group home high choke risk resident chokes on meal due to negligent monitoring by staff, dies--confidential settlement.


Trucking Liability

Drug-impaired trick driver falls asleep and rear-ends motorist, causing catastrophic injuries:  $3,900,000 settlement on first day of trial.

Truck driver negligently sets brakes at loading dock, injuring tow motor operator during loading:  $250,000 settlement on fifth day of trial.

Delivery truck crosses centerline, injuring husband and wife:  $320,000 settlement.

Truck driver negligently rear ends motorist:  23,500 settlement.

Truck negligently rear ends driver and passengers:  $51,000 settlement.

Truck driver fails to set brakes at a loading dock, causing truck to drift from dock as fork lift driver was attempting to unload it: $600,000 settlement.

Truck driver runs red light, broadsiding driver at intersection: $51,000 settlement

Garbage truck driver illegally backs vehicle and injures two vehicle occupants: $705,000 settlement.

Trailer driver negligently secures trailer wheel, causing it to separate and injure motorist travelling in opposite lane: $100,000 settlement.


Automobile Liability

Driver falls asleep, causing multiple injuries to family members:  $380,000 settlement.

Elderly motorist runs stop sign, injuring motorist:  $190,000 verdict (including $32,000 in additional interest against insurance company for failing to make a good faith offer to settle before trial. The insurance company offered $35,000 before trial).

Driver crosses centerline while eating, injuring driver and passenger:  $267,000 settlement.

Drunk driver loses control, causing death of passenger:  $287,000 settlement.

Drunk driver runs stop sign, injuring motorist:  $45,000 settlement.

Driver turns in front of motorcyclist, causing back fractures:  $49,730 verdict ($20,000 offer before trial).

Driver runs stop sign, causing facial fractures and partial loss of vision to elderly driver:  $187,500 settlement.

Driver attempts to illegally pass vehicles on a hill, injuring family: 240,000 settlement.

Uninsured drunk driver runs red light, causing orthopaedic injuries to elderly motorist: $87,500 settlement (uninsured motorists' claim)

Driver makes illegal U-Turn on rural road and collides with motorcyclist: $100,000 settlement

Drunk driver causes crash, causing brain injuries to occupants: $350,000 settlement

Driver rear ends motor scooter, causing numerous orthopaedic injuries to driver: $100,000 settlement

Drunk driver runs stop sign and broadsides driver, causing numerous injuries: $94, 000 settlement

Driver runs red light and broadsides driver, causing fractures and other injuries: $55,000 verdict ($25,000 offer before trial)

Driver turns left in front of motorcyclist, causing fractures: $130,000 settlement.

Driver turns left in front of motorcyclist, causing fractures: $84,000 settlement.

Drunk driver hits motorist head on, causing fractures and other injuries: $100,000 settlement

Dog owner negligently allows dog to run into the street, causing pedestrian fall/ injuries:  $30,000 settlement.


Premises Liability

Temporary stairs collapse, causing worker to fall through:  $200,000 settlement on fourth day of trial.

Overhead steel door falls at worksite, causing death of worker:  Confidential settlement.

Rotating theatre doors fail to lock automatically, causing patron to fall when exiting theatre: $215,000 settlement.


Product Liability

Defectively designed vehicle loses steering, causing death of driver:  Confidential settlement.

Defectively designed vehicle loses steering, causing burns and permanent injuries to driver:  Confidential settlement.

Defective engine causes fire, burning child:  $2,250,000 settlement.

Defectively designed bicycle causes front wheel to disengage, causing death of bicyclist:  Confidential settlement.

Defectively designed vehicle rolls over/seatbelt fails to restrain driver, causing death:  Confidential settlement


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